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My Mission

A. To encourage and participate in strategic redevelopment and infrastructure improvements of District 3 with an emphasis on the condition and safety of hwy 3125 and new business development.

B. To offer all residents equal access to desirable housing, clean air. safe water and the possibility of home improvement via sacred, open green spaces.

C. To Foster a sense of purpose and pride in our youth that will encourage family, self-sufficiency and less crime via youth educational / work programs and work force scholarship opportunity.

My Hearts Desire for District 3

1. Small business development  and Enhancement initiatives.
2. AGRICULTURE AND Green Space Initiatives
3. Neighborhood Enhancement intiative
4. Summer Youth JOB AND Academic Scholar initiatives
5. The return of  youth enrichment programs such as The Childrens Defense Fund Freedom School to St James Parish
6. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR PROPERTY  CLEAN UP AND LAND ENHANCEMENT INITIATIVES (supporting elderly and chronically ill land owners unable to maintain property)
7. Hurricane Insurance/ Contractor  survival classes
Programs and initiatives to gather Healthcare status data and reduce mortality rates of constituents especially  inclusive of desires that are a result of environmental issues in our air soil and water.  Your quality of health should not be determined on a lack of knowledge and availability to programs... Enough is enough...I'm stating facts and willing to work.

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