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HerBrena Gordon-Boudreaux

St. James Parish District 3  Council Candidate

 I Choose To Love Living


I Will Stand In The Midst of Adversity for All Especially  The Chronically ill/Retired Veterans and Our Youth

My Mission for District 3

A. To encourage and participate in strategic redevelopment and infrastructure improvements of District 3 with an emphasis on the condition and safety of hwy 3125 and new business development.  Example :  Hwy 3125 improvement overhaul,  Separate SAFE access roads for farm equipment travel along  hwy 3125 to eliminate excess wear and tear and hwy trash deposites to name a few.

B. To offer all residents fair equal access to desirable housing, clean air. safe water with the possibility of home improvement via sacred, open green spaces gaining acess to grants affording the opportunities.

C. To Foster a sense of purpose and pride in our youth that will encourage family, self-sufficiency and less crime via youth educational / work programs and work force scholarship opportunity.

MS has it's Challenges But I Wont Give Up

 But God Iam Still Encouraged

I Still Rise  I Still Sing

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