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Encourage Yourself

IM Committed to helping MS patients believe, achieve and live with purpose.

I was desperate  Chronically eager  to get well and erase the obvious about me.  I was constantly in Chronic Pain, I couldnt walk, my memory was shot, my ability to speak eloquently was gone, my energy depleted, my bladder leaky, I cant comb my hair, my sight was trippin,  etc. etc. etc.   but my will was stronger than ever.   I used everything that was discouraging as encouragement to WIN.  The Biggest Boost was....The other woman.  

The other woman was beautiful, she could walk in heels, she took care of her man and her son. She had it going on.  She looked into my Bedroom daily at me lying there afraid and pissed.  I had to get my ass up and out .  This is what I did.

I bagan to journal.  I thought about how I had lived my life prior.   I thought about  what medical situations would have awakened the beast and then... Voila!


The beginning of my journey...  Women's Hospital, Baton Rouge,La  Aug. 2000

My Story starts with the birth of my son in 2000.  Shortly after a c-section I begn to feel incredible pain and experiencd swelling and body odor that was not even describable.  What I was experienceing was the beginning of necrotizing faciitis which left me with my body  split in half and a womb that had to heal form the inside out.   I  soon realized I could not walk normally anymore. I have been wearing a brace to support my back and abdominal area to minimize pain and enhance my walking ability ever since!  I began to fall a lot ,suffered  memory problems, nausea, constant sweating..depression, suicidal thoughts and chronic pain in my abdominal area with every bathroom visit.  This is still a normal part of my day plus more that I will share later.   A few years later I ruptured my achilles tendon.  After a successful surgery and healing my doctor  discovered that the numbness and tingling in my legs memory loss and other symptoms were neurological.....I had MS. By that time I was not walking at all.  .


I was told after  months of not being able to walk that I would never walk again.  Hummm if you dont know me let  me tell ya, this sista dont like being told never.  I left that specialist with my records, went home, got on the computer, found a diet for MS ers and I swear to you two days after starting that diet I was lifting myself from the wheelchair I was in.  Within a month this sister was walking with a cane and wearing wedged heels.  I was called a couple of months later to start a new job and held that job for three years  before the stress of a deteriating marriage knocked me off my feet.  Ladies and Gentleman when I tell you that your emotions will take MS on a journey to the pits of hell!!!!!  Lord Jesus!! I am still trying to recover from my heartbreak,,,,but a sista will survive!!!

Years later  I often get the  feeling as if I will die, I feel horrible, been on several ABC drugs, a pump in my side, Physical therapy, doctor after doctor,  supplements, diets,  JEEESUS!   One day a  stroke of compassion that I extended to an employee of mine was given back through her telling me about a Stem Cell Clinic 2 hours away from me.   2 years later everything that I struggled with has been minimized and I feel like I am going to live forever. 

You gotta Be Willing to tell yourself jump knowing you will surely fall.   Every time I fell God was there via way of a willing vessel.  Someone there to help me up, offer encouraging words, good advice or my favorite...the opportunity to speak and encourage someone else.  Even when you dont try your living AIN"T in vain ... YAAAS!! Come on JESUS!!


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